Daily blog july 14 by Catcream

Today I have worked on “forgotten” patches and also made some new ones, I’ve also done some testing on Plasma desktop packages and a little cross compiling with distcc.

  • Firstly I got this merged into ::gentoo https://github.com/gentoo/gentoo/pull/26029.
  • I also fixed Bart’s PR regarding k3b https://invent.kde.org/multimedia/k3b/-/merge_requests/32.
  • I made a proposed patch for gettext regarding a poxml build failure regarding gl_get_setlocale_null_lock being undefined in libgettextpo.so.
  • I changed an issue with glib where they used ngettext wrongly.
  • I got my plocate patch upstreamed and updated my ::gentoo PR.
  • I also did some testing on the Plasma desktop. It works (failed one test) but I don’t really know how to effectively do tests. Now I just made my user owner of /var/tmp/portage/…/*_build and ran “ninja -C dir test” and ctest manually
  • I set up distcc and got it working with crossdev cross compilers.

Tomorrow I’ll continue testing packages!


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