Daily blog july 13 by Catcream

Today I’ve set up my router to use Gentoo musl, it is an Espressobin v7 (aarch64). I thought I’d do it before I started working but it took a looot longer than expected due to some issues, like macvlan.ko causing a kernel panic (wat). I have learnt a lot about cross compiling, using u-boot and various nftables things.

I also made some more musl-compat packages and I’ve also came a long way of merging kde-apps-meta. I wrote down everything that’s not working and exactly what needs to be done. Some of my  patches are in ::gentoo but not upstream, some just local on my fork, etc, etc… This will make it easier to focus on what needs to be done going forward.

A quick summary of what’s left: apps that depend on QtWebEngine do not work yet, and there are a few applications that do not build, like filelight (that one I’ve previously made a patch for but I still got errors this time), mysql-connector-c and k3b. My goal is to fix everything in kde-apps-meta this week, except packages that depend on qtwebengine, because I’ll work on that next week.

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