Week 5 Report for RISC-V Support for Gentoo Prefix

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are doing great, this is my report for the fifth week of Gentoo GSoC.
We finally got a completely working Prefix for lp64d RISC-V profile with all the 3 stages compiling successfully. All the major pull requests have been merged.
Talking about the patches we have the prefix profile symlink pr merged[1] and now RISC-V Prefix profile is available upstream. I have keyworded prefix-toolkit[2] as it is required to complete Stage-3 installation. The patch for binutils is in progress.
As discussed in last week’s report, there were some minor issues that need work on, the scanelf issue has been resolved and there is a issue in the host freedom-u-sdk which doesn’t let binutils compile completely and causes errors on running in ar and ranlib due to missing libraries. I am working on it and will be resolved soon. Though after emerge – uDNv system, ar and ranlib don’t have those issues. After having complete Stage-3 being compiled, the script starts emerging all the packages again, this will be solved soon by adding patches the the script.
As we got Prefix on RISC-V working, I have started with testing packages for EESSI overlay and Gentoo. The workflow is to post bugs using bugz then use nattka bot to make package list, then add it in package list and use tatt to test package. I have received the list of packages that EESSI uses and needs to be tested, I will get them tested and keyworded in upcoming weeks. I am also willing to test prefix with RISC-V profile on more systems to avoid issues on corner cases, if any.
To summarize the report, I have spent it in most of the time on documenting, testing  and learning about testing  packages. In next week I will continue by solving the bugs, testing packages and documentation. Also mentors have been really helpful and reachable.


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