pgpool-II 3.2.0 Now Available For Real – PostgreSQL

So, apparently pgpool-II did a bit of a switcharoo some time ago, which I wasn’t too careful about. But, can you really blame me? pgpool-II’s documentation is among the worst I’ve seen. It’s a good thing they’ve commented their code, or I wouldn’t have been able to do some things cleanly.

You get a much nicer initscript now that actually works. The ebuild actually installs the SQL scripts from the aforementioned terrible documentation. In general, I’m fairly happy with the results now.

The next thing to work on is getting pgpoolAdmin into the tree as well. And, writing documentation so that people can actually understand how to accomplish a task without first translating what had been written. I’ve been working on this for a week. I need help from more experienced users of pgpool-II. I’ve started a rather bare wiki page.

Seriously. “Step 4. The file is confirmed.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? Who’s confirming it? Me? A program? Which file?!

At least it’s easier to read than MySQL’s documentation.

Addendum: I forgot to mention, that you’ll need to do an emerge –sync and that the package you’re looking for is dev-db/pgpool2-3.2.0-r1.

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