Introducing slimlock: Unholy screen locker

I have just added a new package to the tree: slimlock. slimlock is a lightweight screen locker that uses the same interface presented by SLiM.

For you GitHub enthusiasts, you can follow the development of it and perhaps contribute back to the project. There are a couple seemingly simple things to fix, if you’re familiar with X11 and C++.

slimlock is probably the quickest locker I’ve used yet. I just press the padlock hotkey on my keyboard, blink and it’s locked. Same goes for unlocking. It’s everything I expect from it given the performance of SLiM.

Thanks Mr. Joel Burget!

5 thoughts on “Introducing slimlock: Unholy screen locker”

  1. I’ve installed slimlock. It works perfectly when I type slimlock from command line. Theme is fine etc. My issue is that it never auto-locks screen after the 60 or 600 seconds set in /etc/slimlock.conf

    What am I missing?


    1. @Hayden – probably too late for you, but I originally had the same question so will answer it here for anyone else that stumbles here.

      The 60 and 600 settings are to do with turning the monitor off after slimlock has started, not for starting slimlock itself. To do that you need something like xautolock. I put this in my desktop manager startup:

      xautolock -time 1 -locker slimlock

      This will start slimlock after 1 minute of mouse/keyboard inactivity.

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