pgAdmin III 1.14.3 Released

pgAdmin 1.14.3 is now available (keyword masked) in Portage. It’s primarily a bug fix release.

Key to developers
- DP Dave Page
- AP Andreas Pflug
- JMP Jean-Michel Poure
- HS Hiroshi Saito
- AHP Adam H. Pendleton
- MP   Marc Persuy
- DAP  Darko Prenosil
- FGP  Florian G. Pflug
- MH   Magnus Hagander
- GL   Guillaume Lelarge
- AV   Ashesh Vashi


Date       Dev Ver     Change details
---------- --- ------  --------------
2012-05-07 GL  1.14.3  Don't reset breakpoints when folding code [Heikki
2012-05-07 GL  1.14.3  Fix crashes by limiting the size of explainPopup.
2012-05-01 GL  1.14.3  Various fixes on indexes, per Colin Beckingham.
2012-04-30 GL  1.14.3  Fix constraint triggers SQL, per Michael Brux.
2012-04-26 DP  1.14.3  Fix line offsets in the debugger when used with 9.1
                       servers [Heikki Linnakangas].
2012-04-24 DP  1.14.3  Fix domains over array types [Thom Brown].
2012-04-18 GL  1.14.3  Fix SQL query to get types for function return and
                       arguments. Per a report from Erwin Brandstetter.
2012-04-17 GL  1.14.3  Fix RE of options in foreign tables. Report from Regina.
2012-04-16 AV  1.14.3  Fix handling of parameter handling for edbspl functions
                       and package procedures/functions.
2012-04-10 AV  1.14.3  Fix server reconnect option when the browser becomes
                       disconnected from the server.
2012-04-04 GL  1.14.3  Fix the SQL when adding a new index without a name,
                       but with a comment or a CLUSTER. Per report from
                       Bartosz Dmytrak.
2012-03-23 GL  1.14.3  Fix the reverse-engineered SQL for SQL/MED server. Per
                       report from Bartosz Dmytrak.
2012-03-20 GL  1.14.3  Drop autovacuum ANALYZE parameters for TOAST tables.
                       Per report from Bartosz Dmytrak.
2012-03-18 GL  1.14.3  Fix deleting lines in frmEditGrid with 64bit systems
                       [Steven Elliott]
2012-03-13 GL  1.14.3  Fix the reverse-engineered SQL of an operator. Per
                       report from Bartosz Dmytrak.
2012-03-13 DP  1.14.3  Fix handling of DEFAULT ACLs in the restore dialog
                       [Dharmendra Goyal]
2012-03-10 GL  1.14.3  Fix the restore of a window position when using
                       multiscreen. Per report from Steffen Decker.
2012-03-10 GL  1.14.3  Fix the SQL when a user changes a trigger. Per report
                       from Bartosz Dmytrak.
2012-03-06 GL  1.14.3  Make sure that queries use LIKE with _ escaped.
2012-03-06 GL  1.14.3  Fix enabling the OK button of the view dialog. Per
                       report from Colin Beckingham.
2012-03-05 GL  1.14.3  Fix the trigger SQL. Per report from Attila.
2012-03-01 GL  1.14.3  Another fix on the autovacuum widgets in the table
                       dialog. Report from Bartosz Dmytrak.
2012-02-29 GL  1.14.3  Fix setting the connection for pgScript, per report
                       from Charles Gutjahr.
2012-02-28 GL  1.14.3  Extensions have no owner. Per report from James B.
2012-02-28 GL  1.14.3  Fix the handling of empty strings in the histoqueries
                       file. Per report from Bartosz Dmytrak.

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