It Only Took Sixteen Years

It only took GNU RCS ( 16 years to go from version 5.7 to version 5.8. GNU RCS 5.8 is now available in Portage thanks to the hard work of Mr. Ian “idella4” Delaney.

Mr. Delaney is working on a lot of small and large projects under the purview of the Gentoo Proxy Maintaining Team ( project.

We members of the Proxy Maintaining Team are just as eager to have contributors as we are to teach users how to maintain ebuilds. Is there a package that you want to give some TLC? Drop us a line at proxy-maint at gentoo dot org.

4 thoughts on “It Only Took Sixteen Years”

    1. Why RCS? Because none of the modern revision-control systems is as good when it comes to local tracking of changes to a single file. The old versioning filesystems were better, but nobody makes a versioning filesystem any more.

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