The Stealth Website CMS

So, I’ve been writing a CMS thingy to manage the website for my wife. That has taken a bit of a turn on the backburner, but it’s returning to the front next week. In the meantime, I wrote up django apps for part of the websites where I work. It took quite some learning. Along the way, I learned about decorators and manipulators and validators and templatetags and context processors. Pretty much everything was learned out of James’ blog, and the rest was divided evenly between Django’s own fantastic docs and the fine folks in #django.

I don’t know how the rails community or other communities are. But I’ll tell you the learning has been fun and challenging and easy. The challenge came in to play in the material itself. It was easy because people are so forthcoming with information to help you.

So, I wrote the CMS for work, but I’m not counting on it getting adopted, to be honest. However, a lot of the models and ideas that got created and generated in that project will make their way into the church website. I’ll start to talk more about that one as I make real progress on it next week. I’m looking for a place to host it so that I can share my progress.