Obviously, Christian won the last battle. I do concede defeat.

But I’m about to strike back.

I guess our definitions of holiday differ slightly. I believe a holiday to be anything where you take a break from something. So you can take a holiday from work, and still hack Gentoo, or take a holiday from Gentoo and get your sanity back, etc. In your case I recommend both a time-out and a holiday from Gentoo at least. From work as well, if you can manage it. Honestly, just a weekend away would probably do your wonders. Take a weekend road trip to some beautiful place, is my suggestion.

In fact, that leads to point #2. Just make up a reason that you have to go away for: “I need to go see this lake/river/tree/rock/fish/bicycle.” And go! Do not take your laptop, and just go. You don’t need too much money to have a holiday, you know. Hell, just go do something different this weekend. If you don’t go clubbing, then go clubbing. Go to a race, or a soccer match, or to church. Get out there, see things, do people. Go to the park and play frisbee (though it may be too cold for that). There must be something to do there that involves hanging out with other people and meeting people.

It seems to me you’re suffering from the same sorts of symptoms a lot of Gentoo’ers suffer from. I have, my own self, in the past. You go away and all you think about is Gentoo and what all things you need to do. But you know what? You have to let it go. There’s no other way to put it. You have to realise that life in Gentoo will continue. Yes, some recruitees may get pissed off. Others may get frustrated. But that will happen regardless.

At some point, my friend, you have to think of you.

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