Django and The Prophet of Bits

So, I’m in the Django IRC channel yesterday. Well, let me back up for a minute. I’m working on a mock-up/demo for djangofying (did I just invent a word here?) some parts of the StreamBase websites. So, I’m deciding on the models and stuff, and it occurs to me that some pages use the same models, just in different ways (based on various aspects of the model). And so, I think that there must be something to make the rendering of the different models easier (instead of creating a _dict in the urlconf). As it happens, there is.

(I tried to paste it in here, but this BROKEN BLOG SOFTWARE won’t let me. I’ve built a blog in Django already, I just need to CSS it up and host it somewhere, so soon I’ll be moving off this piece of crap.

I just want to give my thanks to Jeff (bitprophet`) for all of this. He even made quick code snippets for me (it’s his paste) to learn from.

Community: that’s what makes django really powerful.