xf86-video-i810 2.2.0 woes

Hi all,

Just a quick word that I’ll be masking xf86-video-i810-2.2.0. It’s currently in ~arch only so stable users don’t need to worry about losing their driver.

Why am I masking it? Well, it’s quite simple: it sucks. Not that I want to belittle upstream’s hard work, but this release is one of the worst since the new 2.x series.

  • Random segfaults on all 965 and older chipsets when using the DRI
  • XVideo is almost entirely broken on 8xx chips
  • Modesetting also doesn’t work on some chips

So while I’ll be masking 2.2.0 for now, I really would like it if people tried this driver and reported on xorg’s mailing list if they have any issues. I and others have already notified Intel devs about these issues and they are taking it seriously. But nonetheless, testing it and reporting what breaks could possibly help xorg devs identify the bugs and fix them for the next release.

Thanks for listening to this Public Announcement 🙂

Cheers, and Happy Holidays to all.

2 thoughts on “xf86-video-i810 2.2.0 woes”

  1. It really seems to depend on the chipset — I’ve been using this driver version since December 3rd and haven’t noticed any problems with my G33 chipset, even when using compiz and friends.

    BTW: When trying to submit this post with a . i n f o mail address, it gets rejected (“Supplied email address is invalid.”). Same for Site/URL.
    BTW2: If any field contains “. i n f o” it gets rejected… fun ;o)

  2. I can confirm that only specific chipsets have come up on the mailing list. Thanks for letting me know G33 are not affected by this release.

    As for the “. i n f o”, it’s probably a spam filter 🙂 you should ping beandog about it.

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