News update on the Intel Xorg drivers

Hi all,

This going to be like a Public Service Announcement for x11-drivers/xf86-video-i810.

  • Both Doug (Cardoe) and Josh (nightmorph) have asked me to do a pkgmove to xf86-video-intel to better match upstream’s naming. It’s been something I would have liked to see, even before Donnie (dberkholz) gave me the ownership of the driver. For now, my plan is to do the pkgmove when Intel releases a new version of the driver that can be safely unmasked.
  • On the issue of masked drivers, one of Intel’s engineers – Gordon Jim – recently asked for better community cooperation. His plan is to organize testing for older graphic chipsets which they can’t (or no longer want to) test.

    So this is a big shout out to all of us who have felt disenchanted by Intel’s latest drivers. So please, click on the above link to let him know what device you have, and that you’re willing to help. If those tests require patches, I’ll try my best to put those patches in portage (p.masked of course) for everyone to easily test and report back failures.

That’s it for now, hopefully more news about Gnome in the next couple of days.

2 thoughts on “News update on the Intel Xorg drivers”

  1. Thanks for the link to that email. Once the laptop arrives, I think I may sign up, even though it’s got the latest graphics chipset. More testing is always good!

  2. I was waiting till I could pull all the packages with the old name, so I wouldn’t have to add hacks to them. Roughly similar to your reasoning with a subtle difference.

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