Attention all stable users

Tomáš (scarabeus) and I decided it was time to do another round of stabilizations.

Back in September when we stabilized xorg-server 1.6, upstream was in the process of releasing Xorg 7.5 (which includes xorg-server 1.7, are you still following?). So at that time, we decided to still go ahead with 1.6 and include the bits of 1.7 that were available and compatible.

Now that 7.5 has been fully released, we’re doing another mass stabilization… but without xorg-server 1.7. While the server itself is very stable, a few drivers still aren’t compatible with it. So we’re not going to stabilize it now. So we’re just stabilizing utilities and a few drivers, nothing major.

So yet again, I’m requesting help from stable users:

  1. go to the stabilization bug,
  2. grab the latest stabilization list and copy it to /etc/portage/package.keywords,
  3. update your system with emerge -DuNa world.

As always, bugs should be filed in bugzilla, not in the comments.