The Road to Gnome 2.22 (part 2)

Yesterday night, Gilles finished moving Gnome 2.22 to portage. Left in the Gnome Overlay are :

  • swfdec and friends, Doug and Mart will be working on it.
  • metacity-2.23, yes you read that right. Upstream has already branched for Gnome 2.24 but we’ll stick with metacity 2.22 of course.
  • pkgconfig, Saleem had created a special ebuild that would make pkgconfig use the system’s glib. But Gilles and I feared this might introduce a circular dependency hell, so we erred on the safe sides of things and just bumped the old ebuild for pkgconfig-0.22. We’ll have to sort this out though.
  • libsigc++, we’ve bumped it in the overlay (versions 2.1.1 and 2.2.2) but they broke cdrdao which used the old “SigC” c++ namespace. So this one might break other packages. Again, this one will have to be sorted out at some point.

Now, back to the good news! Gnome 2.22 is in the tree!

If you want to try it out here’s what you should do :

  1. Sync your portage tree and emerge -DuNa world
  2. Copy-paste the “The Great GNOME 2.22 Mask ™” from /usr/portage/profiles/package.mask into /etc/portage/package.unmask
  3. Update your system again using emerge -DuNa world


Do not try this on a stable Gentoo system. Is this clear enough? If you open a bug and we see that you have a stable system, we will close the bug WONTFIX. You have all been warned.


We have not yet written the Upgrade Guide (which I’ll start today), so we don’t yet really know all of what might break during the upgrade. This is a work in progress.

But if anything breaks for you, please report it to bugzilla, we need feedback so that we can write a better Upgrade Guide, which will help everyone in return.

Other than that, enjoy Gnome 2.22 😀

PS, big props to Mart and Gilles who did almost all of the grunt work in the past few days to move everything from the overlay to portage.

Update: We still have to take care of the various Gnome bindings too, I plan to take on the gnome-mm ones really soon, but I don’t know for the others.

Oh, we are working on a major update for the gnome-python packages, but since I’m not fully up to date on the subject, I’ll leave that up for another post.

The Road to Gnome 2.22

While the others are actually working on this, I’ll just be writing a blog post, because the question has come up often enough these days :

Q: When will Gnome 2.22 be available in portage ?


<dang>The mask is in place, and a few packages have been brought over.
<leio> When it’s ready. We are working on moving it to portage right now. So, say, in 2-3 days is realistic for unmasking – no promises.

There, now y’all know. 😉