xf86-video-i810 2.2.1 in portage

Finally, a new official release of the Intel driver.

A lot of work by Intel and the test community has been put into this release. I for one have been pushing people who posted bugs in Gentoo’s bugzilla to repost to FreeDesktop’s bugzilla. Most of these bugs have been fixed by upstream Intel devs, or at least acknowledged, which is a significant improvement over the previous situation.

Just this morning, Intel’s Gordon Jin has created an intel-gfx community mailing list. Although it requires moderator approval, it’s a great way forward.

Hopefully, b0rked releases like 2.2.0 will be caught much earlier from now on, and the number of regressions should go down as well. From a maintainer point of view, this is making my job much less painful 🙂

As always, if you have any issues with this release, Bugzilla is your friend. If you’re planning to use 2.2.1 on top of xorg-server-1.3*, please keep in mind that no-one upstream has tested this configuration, and if you file any bugs, I’ll ask you to reproduce with


FOSDEM: saturday & sunday

Saturday morning started really quietly, so quietly in fact that I actually missed the opening keynotes… That’ll teach me not to look at the schedule before the event starts.

Over the 2 days, I mostly stayed around the Xorg dev room. I had the chance to talk to a lot of really cool people: Fr

FOSDEM: Friday

Short blurb before the first Xorg talk starts :

I arrived on Friday morning, way before the first event was set to start. That gave me the opportunity to walk around Brussels for a couple hours. Nice city, I’ll definitely have to come back later for a proper visit.

I also took an hour to finish my talk for sunday morning.

Around 7:00PM, I set out to find the FOSDEM Beer Event, which as it turned out, was about 4 blocks away from my hotel. Rock on!

So I finally had the chance to meet a few non-French Gentoo devs : Wolfram (wschlich), Santiago (coldwin) and later in the night Daniel (dsd) and Peter (welp). I’m really glad to be able to link names with actual faces now.

We had a few really nice conversations, some concerning directly Gentoo and what we want to do or see being done, but that probably requires another post of its own.

Beer wise, I remember drinking Chimay Bleue and Delirium Tremens. As for the quantity, the headache I had this morning wasn’t too bad – considering the little food I had eaten – I’d say I had something like 5 or 6 glasses, but I can’t remember :>>

More later