Gentoo KDE Team March 2012 meeting

Date: 22 March 2012
Time: 2000 UTC
Place: #gentoo-meetings @freenode

The full meeting log can be found here. Meeting summary is written by dastergon.

1) Roll call

alexxy, dilfridge, johu, mschiff, scarabeus, tampakrap

2) Electing a new team leader


Accepted: dilfridge, johu
Refused: tampakrap, scarabeus

johu -> dilfridge
dilfridge -> johu
tampakrap -> dilfridge
alexxy -> dilfridge
mschiff -> dilfridge
scarabeus -> dilfridge
dilfridge:5 – johu:1
dilfridge is the new KDE team leader with the majority of votes.

3) Dropping RPATH from installed binaries

Add a RPATH entry for every library dir that is not in the system library
directories in ld.conf are not automatically considered as system library
dirs, but only some static list of dirs.
Everyone agreed on RPATH removal. We will introduce a patch with KDE SC 4.8.2
to remove the RPATH and move it to the main tree.

4) Bugs

* Remove hard dep on media-libs/phonon from kde-base/kdelibs
Upstream says “technically you can replace phonon with qt-phonon, but that’s
just stupid because you lose functionality”. Another argument against it, is
that qt-phonon will be removed with qt5. We wont fix the bug and keep phonon as
hard dep. johu will take care of the bug after meeting summary is available.

* Eclass problem with handbook without LINGUAS.
The handbook eclass code is pretty confusing for all in meeting present
members. It was written by reavertm. We decided that we will mail reveartm to
fix handbook eclass code, because he has the most knowledge in it. dilfridge
will take care of contacting him, it’s his first lead task.

* Revise the change “semantic-desktop? -> semantic-desktop=”.
Some packages rely on semantic-desktop capabilities in other ones. tampakrap
is volunteers to take care of the bug.

5) Open floor

* KDE 4.8 stabilization
KWin does not build anymore without opengl support. kde-base/kmail-4.8.1
crashes, but upstream patch can be backported. KDE SC 4.8.1 has tons of
bugfixes, compared to to 4.8.0. The majority votes for KDE 4.8.1 as stable
candidate. johu will prepare stabilization.

* Test failures
creffett brought up dbus-related test failures. johu recommended to get
virtual-dbus eclass running. dilfridge suggested if one or two test fails
or restrict. The problems with virtual-dbus is that you can’t run bash
commands in it’s environment. creffett will be responsible for this.

* New members
Welcome to three new members of the project: creffett, kensington and
dastergon. They are in the process to become gentoo developer and mentored by
tampakrap. creffett and kensington have already open ‘new developer’ bug.
dastergon doesn’t have an open bug yet.

* Comeback
scarabeus re-joined KDE herd. Welcome back!!!

* Reduced work time
mschiff mentioned that he will not have much time for the KDE herd due to
real life priorities, he will be back in may. tampakrap will spent most of his
time for gentoo infra team.

Meeting bits

Yesterday (2012/01/16 20:00 UTC) we had the first Gentoo KDE team meeting this year. The meeting happened in #gentoo-meetings on freenode.

  • Participants: alexxy, dilfridge, jmbsvicetto, johu, mschiff, tampakrap, Thev00d00
  • Agenda
  • Log
  • Lead election is delayed, because 12 months not over
  • We keep kdepim-4.4 in tree as long as it works and provide kdepim-l10n package
  • Kdeenablefinal build feature will be removed today
  • Phonon xine backend will be removed in 15 days
  • We expect no big issues with Qt 4.8,  only kdenlive is not building at the moment
  • eselect boost vs. latest boost is not a Gentoo KDE scope only issue, we will move the discussion to the gentoo-dev mailing list
  • … read log 😛 or wait for the full summary by tampakrap
  • My netbook had a kernel panic while the meeting  :-/
After the meeting i joined the Gentoo Qt team.