Meeting bits

Yesterday (2012/01/16 20:00 UTC) we had the first Gentoo KDE team meeting this year. The meeting happened in #gentoo-meetings on freenode.

  • Participants: alexxy, dilfridge, jmbsvicetto, johu, mschiff, tampakrap, Thev00d00
  • Agenda
  • Log
  • Lead election is delayed, because 12 months not over
  • We keep kdepim-4.4 in tree as long as it works and provide kdepim-l10n package
  • Kdeenablefinal build feature will be removed today
  • Phonon xine backend will be removed in 15 days
  • We expect no big issues with Qt 4.8,  only kdenlive is not building at the moment
  • eselect boost vs. latest boost is not a Gentoo KDE scope only issue, we will move the discussion to the gentoo-dev mailing list
  • … read log 😛 or wait for the full summary by tampakrap
  • My netbook had a kernel panic while the meeting  :-/
After the meeting i joined the Gentoo Qt team.

6 thoughts on “Meeting bits”

  1. > We keep kdepim-4.4 in tree as long as it works and provide kdepim-l10n package

    you have my deepest gratitude for this

  2. I really appreciate how much you and other gentoo devs put into the distro, and understand that portage is a difficult beast to tame. Nontheless, I feel the need to point out that it might be suboptimal that all kde packages in ~arch, including libreoffice and others which only has optional kde support, now get rebuilt by emerge -ND @world.

    It is a minor inconvenience, but it might have felt better if the flag could have been somehow masked and removed only on next revision. Oh, and I believe Paludis usually avoids these rebuilds somehow. in spite of all the other stuff it does wrong. Perhaps Portage is really to blame.

    1. > Why drop kdeenablefinal?
      1. It does not work,
      2. upstream splitting up repos and tarballs, so it makes nowadays no sense
      3. creates up- and downstream bugs for nothing

      > Will it bepossible to build kdelibs with lto ?

    1. As i can see the lto stuff is not kde specific. If there is a need to add these flags to cmake files you have to talk to KDE upstream.

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