Week 12 Report for RISC-V Support for Gentoo Prefix

Hello all,
Hope you all are doing good, this is my report for 12th week of my Google Summer of Code project.

I got documentation on Porting Prefix reviewed and I have added the suggested changes.

My GSoC delieverables have been completed, so I played around with the compatibility layer and ansible. Synced the latest changes to the bootstrap script from upstream and used it for installing prefix. Working on updating the main.yml[1] accordingly. The process has been smooth so far, within next few weeks we might have a working compatibility layer for RISC-V.

Will start working on the final report and update the blogs on Gentoo Blog site. Although the official period is over I will continue working on compatibility layer and there are also few other things like pkgcraft in my bucket list which I will get my hands on.

The 12 weeks of GSoC have been super fun, thanks to mentors and the community.

[1] https://github.com/EESSI/compatibility-layer/blob/main/ansible/playbooks/roles/compatibility_layer/defaults/main.yml


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