Gentoo musl Support Expansion for Qt/KDE Week 12

This week has been mostly been spent on writing documentation and fixing up some left over things.

I started with looking over the *-standalone libraries. It turns out that tree.h is provided by libbsd and because libbsd works just fine on musl I removed the standalone. The second thing I did was removing error.h because it caused issues with some builds, and we suspect it works on Void Linux because they build packages inside a clean chroot (without error.h). The only one left is now cdefs.h. This header is an internal glibc header, and using it is basically a bug, so upstreaming fixes should be very easy. Therefore I feel like this doesn’t need to be added either, so I closed the pull request for now.

Next I rewrote Sam’s musl porting notes, moving it from his personal page to a “real” wiki page ( It’s now more like a wiki page and less like a list of errors with attached fixes. I’ve also added several things myself into it.

Another wiki I’ve added stuff to is Chroot ( In my GSoC planning I wanted to write documentation about using Gentoo musl. There I wanted information about how to work around using glibc programs that do not work on musl, ex proprietary programs. Instead of doing that I wrote documentation about how running graphical applications with sound into the Chroot documentation, as it helps every Gentoo user. I don’t think Gentoo musl users should have any issues finding the Chroot wikipage. 🙂

I have also tested gettext-tiny on Gentoo musl. This is a smaller implementation of gettext with some functionality stubbed out. gettext-tiny is built for musl, and it makes use of the libintl provided by musl. For users that only want English this makes a lot of sense because it is much smaller than gettext but still allows most packages to be built. When replacing gettext Portage complained about two packages using uninstalled libraries from GNU gettext, those being bison and poxml. When reemerging bison it errored out and I was sure it was because of gettext, but after debugging bison I found out it was caused by error-standalone. After unmerging error-standalone bison detected that the library was not installed and it compiled correctly. Poxml on the other hand hard depends on libgettextpo, a library not provided by gettext-tiny. Running “equery d -a poxml” however we can see that nothing important actually depends on poxml, so gettext-tiny should for the most part be fine.

$ equery d -a poxml
* These packages depend on poxml:
kde-apps/kdesdk-meta-22.04.3-r1 (>=kde-apps/poxml-22.04.3:5)
kde-apps/kdesdk-meta-22.08.0 (>=kde-apps/poxml-22.08.0:5)

Next week I will write my final evaluation and then I am done with GSoC! I will however continue working with some things like ebuildshell and crossdev when I have time.

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