Week 6 Report for RISC-V Support for Gentoo Prefix

Hello All!

Hope everyone is doing good, this is my report for the sixth week of Gentoo GSoC.
After having a working prefix this week I dedicated on testing packages on prefix for EESSI package set. I also sent quite some time setting up package testing environment on prefix. Also I learned more about Arch testing on Gentoo. I collected all the required packages [1] and then tested them with `FEATURES=”true”` and `tatt` .
A lot of packages had already been tested and had RISC-V keyword. I have tested the following packages in gentoo repository [2] and [3] and pull requests have been merged as well:
– dev-util/hermes
– sys-cluster/lmod
– dev-util/patchelf
– dev-lua/luajson
– dev-lua/lua-bit32
– dev-lua/luaposix
Tests were failing for `lmod-8.6.14`, with `lmod-8.5.6` tests passed successfully so only that has been keyworded.
As most of the packages from EESSI overlay have been moved to gentoo repository, there are only major ones left in the overlay.Following patches were added in EESSI overlay:
– sys-cluster/reframe [4]
– sys-apps/archspec [5]
There are `sys-fabric/opa-psm2` isnt needed for RISC-V yet so it has been skipped. There is also `sys-libs/pam` in the overlay to add pam support to prefix but it wont be further required [7] as I had added a patch in official repository [6].
The `sys-cluster/reframe` had a lot of dependencies while testing but all tests passed successfully. The `sys-apps/archspec` is no more usable as it depends on `<dev-python/click-8.0` and we have `dev-python/click-8.1.3` in official repository. So it is being decided whether to bump the version or to use the latest click version, it will be merged soon.
All the packages except `sys-apps/archspec` have been keyworded and merged. We can soon test RISC-V for EESSI project. Also all the delieverables are complete, although some work on documentation needs to be done so I will focus more on keywording and documentation.
Mentors also coordinated a lot and helped me with EESSI packages and testing. To summarize the report, this week was spend on learning more about testing and keywording packages for EESSI.


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