Helping with development

Since everyone’s in a hurry to get gnome 2.26 in the tree as soon as possible, you might ask what you can do to help ?

Until now, working on the overlay meant that most of the information was available to those hanging in #gentoo-desktop but even with summing things for everyone once in a while and sending recap mails or throwing notes in our devspaces, it always felt like somebody was missing the information. So we bite the bullet and imported some README and status/ files in the overlay so the information is directly available without having to search or wait for one of us to show up.

So if you want to participate, please have a look at those files and the clean patches notes from vapier. Look at other patches in the overlay to get an idea of how I like them and don’t hesitate to open new reports (after searching) especially if you have patches. Also don’t hesitate to visit us on #gentoo-desktop if you have any question but please avoid the “when will it hit the tree” as I’ve already answered that my last post about gnome 2.26 status.

2 thoughts on “Helping with development”

  1. One thing I am missing is bugs or logs for errors in the status/BUGS.
    It for example states that gtk+ has broken test-cases, but it works here.

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