Gnome 3.6

We had a marathon with Alexandre (tetromino) in the last 2 weeks to get Gnome 3.6 ebuilds using python-r1 eclasses variants, EAPI=5 and gstreamer-1. And now it is finally in gentoo-x86, unmasked.

You probably read, heard or have seen stuff about EAPI=5 and new python eclasses before but, in short, here is what it will give you:

  • package manager will finally know for real what python version is used by which package and be able to act on it accordingly (no more python-updater when all ebuilds are migrated)
  • EAPI=5 subslots will hopefully put an end to revdep-rebuild usage. I already saw it in action while bumping some of the telepathy packages to discover that empathy was now automatically being rebuilt without further action than emerge -1 telepathy-logger.

No doubt lots of people are going to love this.

Gnome 3.6 probably still has a few rough edges so please, check bugzilla before filing new reports.

7 thoughts on “Gnome 3.6”

  1. Great.

    There are few KEYWORDREQ(about gnome 3.2/3.4) bugs for minor arches, I already talked with tetromino, if you will give me an updated list, I will provide to keyword asap 😉

    1. I ran a full tree repoman the other day to get a grasp or required keywords but as you may guess, it is a bit slow 🙂

  2. This is great news, keep on the good work! 🙂

    I think that EAPI=5 will really smoothen some rough edges in Gentoo so I really like to see it getting adopted.

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