Gnome 2.26 status page

Just a reminder that I’m maintaining a status page for Gnome 2.26 work in my devspace. It’s generated by a post-commit hook so it’s only updated when I work on the overlay but it’s generally accurate. I know it should move to infra if possible but I don’t have time to explore that and make it fit for them yet (yeah shame on me). Anyway this page currently shows status of packages that landed in portage already, not the ones in overlay. We’re closing in to 96% which is the usual compliance percentage we reach for each release.

Gnome 2.26 mostly complete

Just a word to let you know gnome 2.26.2 is mostly completely in tree. Notable exceptions are the few packages that I haven’t had time to bump from 2.26.1 and the ones that still requires some work before being allowed to touch the tree, of which you fill find anjuta and glade 3.6.3. gnome-power-manager and it’s devicekit friends will probably enter the tree later but masked since they fail really bad at doing any kind of sensible power managment on my laptop, some of those issues were reported upstream but ignored for the moment.

Gnome 2.26 is moving to the tree

In case you were wondering what the hell is happening with gnome 2.26 still sitting in the overlay, well, we started moving it to the tree. It’s going to take a while before everything is in tree but it is on its way. Don’t forget to fill bugs if you find one that is really new so we can write a nice upgrade guide if needs be. For now the only issue is the gnome-desktop upgrade that needs a nice message for non-portage-2.2 users but we are not there yet.