Gnome 3.14

Gnome 3.14 ebuilds started hitting the tree a couple of days ago. Move is now complete and Gnome 3.14 was unmasked a couple of minutes ago. Besides the usual bumps, we worked on adding complete Wayland support. If you are eager to help upstream debug it, feel free to test but before filing any report, don’t forget to check upstream’s list of known limitations (like missing Drag’n’Drop, etc).

Gnome 3.14 also required GStreamer 1.4 that leio has been working on. First ebuilds have been added to allow Gnome unmasking, more to come.

We are also still looking for new recruits for the team as we are really low on active team members. If you feel like helping but are not sure about your skills, worry not, we can help you.

2 thoughts on “Gnome 3.14”

  1. I am interested to learn and contribute. But I could not find a gnome irc channel. Where do I go?

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