Reviewing gnome 2.26 ebuilds

Since someone asked on the #gentoo-desktop again when will gnome 2.26 hit the tree, I’ll repeat that this isn’t for today nor for tomorrow but it’ll be soon I promise. I’m nearly finished with reviewing ebuilds. I’m around totem in the status page for gnome 2.26 not counting the items in red, issues from status/TODO in the overlay and split python bindings which should be quick to review.

I have been playing a bit with git hooks and those two files are updated each time I commit something in my reviewing branch. If you are interested in how I do that, you can check the git hook folder in my dev space. I’m planning to add pybugz actions there as soon as possible so I don’t have to open a web browser anymore when working on ebuilds :D.

That’s all for today.

One thought on “Reviewing gnome 2.26 ebuilds”

  1. I’ve been using gnome overlay and I my desktop is working better than ever.

    2.24 was full of bugs but 2.26 shines!

    Hope we can get it stable soon!

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