Gnome 2.26 status update

In case you are wondering weither Gnome 2.26 time to stable will be as catastrophic as Gnome 2.24, well I still have no idea but for the people out there that just can’t wait, just give a shot at the overlay or monitor bug #263083. Nirbheek‘s been doing an awesome work about keeping everything relatively up to date in the overlay but it still requires a second pair of eyes. That’s what I’m currently doing and it takes some time but doing that in previous releases proved to be really valuable for ~arch users that had the patience to wait for things to enter the tree. So if anything is broken, it’s ok, it’s overlay, we’ll get to it. You open fill new bug reports and make them blocker of the tracker bug, but please search for duplicates first.

In other news, I’ve updated a bit gnome’s herd project page. It now lists a project that is greatly missing from gentoo, a “codec buddy” for our dear gstreamer packages. If you are interested don’t hesitate to come and see us on irc on #gentoo-desktop channel.