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The maintainer is not the first listed in the ChangeLog

Dear users, community, $people, I receive more or less two mail per week, so I decided to point this out. I know that my activity is notable in the ChangeLog because of the stabilization but the maintainer is not the … Continue reading

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Manage a security bug

It is a fact that in the last time the security team has a lack of manpower or in other words, the security bugs need more eyes. Please do not complain about that, because this post is not intended to … Continue reading

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Avoid the spam on the mail with procmail

I use it since a long time, so since it works pretty good for me, I want to share how to handle the spam for your address with procmail. First, you need to say that procmail will filter your … Continue reading

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New repoman option “–include-arches”: the benefit for an arch team member

Since a long time I realized that is a pita every time that I keyword, receive a repoman failure for dependency.bad(mostly) that does not regard the arch that I’m changing. So, checking in the repoman manual, I realized that –ignore-arches … Continue reading

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Looking for KDE users on ARM

I received few requests to make KDE stable for ARM. Unfortunately I can’t do a complete test but I’m able to compile on both armv5 and armv7. Before stabilize, I may set a virtual machine on qemu to test better, … Continue reading

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MAKEOPTS=”-j${core} +1″ is NOT the best optimization

Many times, when I had to set the make.conf on systems with particular architectures, I had a doubt on which is the best –jobs value. The handook suggest to have ${core} + 1, but since I’m curious I wanted to … Continue reading

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Repoman-check a big list before file a STABLEREQ or KEYWORDREQ

Unfortunately, all times we have a big list to keyword or stabilize, repoman complains about missing packages. So, in this post I will give you the solution to avoid this problem. First, please download the batch-stabilize-pretend script from my overlay. … Continue reading

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How to find issues related to LINGUAS

Usually, I want to find all possible issues with the LINGUAS variable, so in my arch testing environment I have enabled all linguas that the main tree uses. To keep my make.conf more ‘clear’ I’m using source and another file called … Continue reading

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Kernel: vanilla-sources maintenance

In the last time I’m helping the kernel team with the bump of vanilla-sources. It does not take much time because I’m doing it with a script. So, personally, I will continue to bump the following series: 2.6.32 3.0 3.2 … Continue reading

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How -g0 may be useful

Usually I use -g0 as CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS; it will be useful to find wrong buildsystem behavior. ago@arcadia ~ $ portageq envvar CFLAGS -march=native -O2 -g0 Here is an example where the buildsystem sed only ‘-g‘, leaves ‘0‘ and causes compile failure: … Continue reading

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