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Avoid the spam on the mail with procmail

I use it since a long time, so since it works pretty good for me, I want to share how to handle the spam for your address with procmail. First, you need to say that procmail will filter your … Continue reading

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New repoman option “–include-arches”: the benefit for an arch team member

Since a long time I realized that is a pita every time that I keyword, receive a repoman failure for dependency.bad(mostly) that does not regard the arch that I’m changing. So, checking in the repoman manual, I realized that –ignore-arches … Continue reading

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Looking for KDE users on ARM

I received few requests to make KDE stable for ARM. Unfortunately I can’t do a complete test but I’m able to compile on both armv5 and armv7. Before stabilize, I may set a virtual machine on qemu to test better, … Continue reading

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MAKEOPTS=”-j${core} +1″ is NOT the best optimization

Many times, when I had to set the make.conf on systems with particular architectures, I had a doubt on which is the best –jobs value. The handook suggest to have ${core} + 1, but since I’m curious I wanted to … Continue reading

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Repoman-check a big list before file a STABLEREQ or KEYWORDREQ

Unfortunately, all times we have a big list to keyword or stabilize, repoman complains about missing packages. So, in this post I will give you the solution to avoid this problem. First, please download the batch-stabilize-pretend script from my overlay. … Continue reading

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How to find issues related to LINGUAS

Usually, I want to find all possible issues with the LINGUAS variable, so in my arch testing environment I have enabled all linguas that the main tree uses. To keep my make.conf more ‘clear’ I’m using source and another file called … Continue reading

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Kernel: vanilla-sources maintenance

In the last time I’m helping the kernel team with the bump of vanilla-sources. It does not take much time because I’m doing it with a script. So, personally, I will continue to bump the following series: 2.6.32 3.0 3.2 … Continue reading

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How -g0 may be useful

Usually I use -g0 as CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS; it will be useful to find wrong buildsystem behavior. ago@arcadia ~ $ portageq envvar CFLAGS -march=native -O2 -g0 Here is an example where the buildsystem sed only ‘-g‘, leaves ‘0‘ and causes compile failure: … Continue reading

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New subproject: kde-stable

If you are a kde user, you may be interested to this new subproject: Feel free to ask any doubt.

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Documentazione Italiana: chiamata per nuovi traduttori

I’m writing this post in italian language because it is intended only for italian people. E’ da tempo che abbiamo messo su l’idea di lavorare su git per quanto riguarda la traduzione della documentazione gentoo da inglese a italiano. Siamo … Continue reading

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