Install Gentoo in less than one minute

I’m pretty sure that the title of this post will catch your attention…and/or maybe your curiosity.

Well..this is something I’m doing since years…and since did not cost too much to make it in a public and usable state, I decided to share my work, to help some people to avoid waste of time and to avoid to be angry when your cloud provider does not offer the gentoo image.

So what are the goals of this project?

  1. Install gentoo on cloud providers that do not offer a Gentoo image (e.g Hetzner)
  2. Install gentoo everywhere in few seconds.

To do a fast installation, we need a stage4….but what is exactly a stage4? In this case the stage4 is composed by the official gentoo stage3 plus grub, some more utilities and some file already configured.

So since the stage4 has already everything to complete the installation, we just need to make some replacement (fstab, grub and so on), install grub on the disk………..and…’s done (by the auto-installer script)!

At this point I’d expect some people to say….”yeah…it’s so simply and logical…why I didn’t think about that” – Well, I guess that every gentoo user didn’t discover that just after the first installation…so you don’t need to blame yourself 🙂

The technical details are covered by the README in the gentoo-stage4 git repository

As said in the README:

  • If you have any request, feel free to contact me
  • A star on the project will give me the idea of the usage and then the effort to put here.

So what’s more? Just a screenshot of the script in action 🙂

# Gentoo hetzner cloud
# Gentoo stage4
# Gentoo cloud

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7 Responses to Install Gentoo in less than one minute

  1. Maurizio Iazzolino says:

    Very usefull. Thank you

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  4. Sérgio says:

    What a blessing! The script works like a charm! No need to stay hours installing my boxes! Many thanks to you!

  5. ilnanny says:

    Thank you for sharing your work, actually I use the stage4 only to make a backup of the entire system.
    But I never thought of anything else.
    This works really well.

  6. James says:

    I am very interested in testing and using this install, for quick installs. A basic or standard partitioning and file systems choices, I did not see, but hope that is standardized. The actual steps to copy/burn the install codes to dvd, I have not found. The actual steps to put it on a usb 2 or 3 stick, I did not find. These are probably pretty obvious to many, but, some explicit steps and a link from your work to those simple steps would be keenly appreciated. Once a baseline gentoo system is installed and up and running, it’s pretty easy to extend and and codes and other hardware (hi-end video cards, more harddrives, more different types of hardware, etc. You excellent work, and kind treatment for the rest of our less talented community (old farts like me) is greatly appreciated; and trivial for those that blaze our Gentoo forward pathway to a larger community of the needy…….


    • ago says:

      Atm there is a standard partitioning with boot and root. Everything is ext4 but if you need a different filesystem you can replace ext4 with something else and edit the partitioning scheme.
      There is nothing you need to put in the usb stick. You need to download the script and execute it on the machine.


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