Looking for KDE users on ARM

I received few requests to make KDE stable for ARM. Unfortunately I can’t do a complete test but I’m able to compile on both armv5 and armv7.

Before stabilize, I may set a virtual machine on qemu to test better, but I’d prefer to receive some feedback from the users.

So, if you are running KDE on arm, feel free to comment here, send me an e-mail or add a comment in the stabilization bug.

If you want to partecipate, look at kde-stable project.

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5 Responses to Looking for KDE users on ARM

  1. Emmanuel Andry says:

    I’m running KDE on an Hercules Ecafe EX HD (Freescale armv7 IMX515).
    I’m using the heavily modified kernel provided by the vendor (The device runs Ubuntu 10.04 with kernel 2.6.35). Upstream kernel can boot, but no display and no rtc : unusable.

    I compiled the whole system on the box itself, no cross compilation.
    KDE is running fine (a bit slow because no availability of accelerated IMX display driver, just using the standard fb driver).
    I can surf the web using konqueror, browse samba shares, but unable to watch video (dragon lacks masked gstreamer modules, and vlc seems to read the video files, but no output).

    I’m not using full kde-meta because I don’t need the all bunch of apps, and also because of compilation time (don’t know exactly, but it tooks more than 4 hours only for kdebase).

  2. skybon says:

    Hi! I have ASUS Transformer which I can transform into KDE Gentoo test machine (pun intended). What do I have to do?

  3. Karl says:

    Just for testing purposes i emerged KDE-4.9.5 on a Raspberry P (arm6j). Approx 60% of the required Packages could be cross-compiled (on a amd64 xen-vm). So far it worked fine – I was able to compile the whole (i compiled it without semantic-desktop USE-flag). All worked fine but KDE runs horrably slow – so its no fun to use it. Konqueror, Dolphin, etc. worked without any issues. I was quite astonished how well KDE compiled on the Raspberry. The Raspberry runs kernel-version 3.6.11 from github. The kernel also was self-compiled. “genkernel” does not work on the arm6 so i did it the old way with plain “make”. Xorg runs fine on the Raspberry. For now its not possible to use hardware-acceleration on the RPI because vlc does not support it yet – so playing videos isn’t possible yet. Most stuff i run on the RPI is related to W-Lan. Its quite easy to get gentoo properly running on the RPI.

  4. Gary says:

    I have installed KDE on my ARM Chromebook using Chrouton. I once installed KDE on my windows computer a while ago and was impressed with the amount of programs it came with; however on my Chromebook there was only a few I am guessing because they have yet to be ported. I don’t know much about Linux, but I think it would be good if there more apps complied for ARM.


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