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How to test Kernel (*-sources)

In the past, a lot of people ask me how test a new kernel. This tip could help new arch tester. First, emerge the new sources ( 3.4.5 is just an example, replace it with your ${version} ): echo “=sys-kernel/gentoo-sources-3.4.5” … Continue reading

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How to test a library

This article should be useful for every arch tester that ask how properly test a library. Today we see a case like boost. The firsts steps will be: Emerge the new boost version Do a multiple compile test changing the … Continue reading

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New category: arch testing

I added recently a new category for this blog: arch testing.   Since in the years I’ve ‘gained’ a long experience with arch testing I think would be great collect a series of tip for the current and future arch … Continue reading

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Repoman-check before file stable request

I already recommended, time ago, in gentoo-dev mailing list to check with repoman before file stable request. Why? The reason is very simply; is only a waste of time try to keyword and receive a bad response from repoman because … Continue reading

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