Use an EOL Kernel

This could appear as a strange request, but seems there are people that need some EOL version(s) of the Kernel.
I’m just answering to the request. Alternatively go to and download the archive(s).
This is strongly discouraged by upstream but there should be people that need a particular version of the kernel because of driver(s) reason, or maybe they want to test some POC/exploit.

Since we are here also to support the users, I will explain how-to in few steps.

# Make your local PORTDIR
root # mkdir /usr/local/portage

# Declare your PORTDIR_OVERLAY in the make.conf
root # echo PORTDIR_OVERLAY=”/usr/local/portage” >> /etc/portage/make.conf

# Create the vanilla-sources directory
root # mkdir /usr/local/portage/sys-kernel
root # mkdir /usr/local/portage/sys-kernel/vanilla-sources

# Join the new directory and copy a random vanilla-sources ebuild in that directory
root # cd /usr/local/portage/sys-kernel/vanilla-sources/
root # cp /usr/portage/sys-kernel/vanilla-sources/vanilla-sources-3.4.50.ebuild ./vanilla-sources-${NEEDED_VERSION}.ebuild

# Create the manifest and emerge the kernel
root # repoman manifest
root # emerge -av vanilla-sources

Maybe you need to add it to your package.keywords or edit directly the KEYWORDS variable.

Note: If you are using layman, pay attention and declare your PORTDIR_OVERLAY before source /var/lib/layman/make.conf

That’s all.

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