Recent Updates to PostgreSQL and Friends

Some of you may have noticed that there have been some changes to the way the PostgreSQL initscripts can handle things. Some of you may have also noticed that there has been a lack of changes in our documentation ( And, some Prefix users may have noticed that there is a lack of divide between what is available in the gentoo-x86 tree and the Prefix tree. Continue reading Recent Updates to PostgreSQL and Friends

My Poor Basset Hound

My poor Basset Hound, Bailey, decided that she wanted to have a hematoma in her right ear tonight. It is a common occurrence in long-eared canines. So, not a really big deal. She just is not as comfortable as she likes to be.

On the upside, she is totally baked right now thanks to some excellent drugs from the veterinarian.

Hello, World!

Original post title, I know, but is there really a better post title to have when you want to say just that? So, hello, World! Especially, to my fellow Gentoo-ers.

Though you may not know it, you have been feeling the sting and salve of my contributions for quite some time. Well, that is if you have been using PostgreSQL.

Mr. Patrick Lauer is responsible for convincing me to contribute. Some time around two years ago I had complained about the state of PostgreSQL on Gentoo. Mr. Lauer, or bonsaikitten as I knew him, simply stated, “plz2fix”. And that was it. I got myself involved. It has been the bane and boon of my existence. I have no bloody idea why.

Mr. Lauer has been a fantastic mentor to me. He’s been quite patient, encouraging and helpful man. Thank you.

Tomáš Chvátal has recently become a mentor to me, as well, and has been fantastic. Another very patient, encouraging and helpful man. Thank you.

Finally, there is my recruiter, Petteri Räty. He pushed me to become even more intimately familiar with the Gentoo Foundation and the way things work as a whole. At the risk of being a broken record, he has been patient, encouraging and helpful. Thank you.

There have been many others that have helped me along the way to becoming an official Gentoo Developer. To all of you, thank you!

I’m very excited to be here.