I lied, I really am Gulleen

As it turns out, I really am Seemant Gulleen. Or more accurately Seemant G/Kulleen with a silent “G/”. So, John fixed the error I was having. Turns out it’s an off by one error in gtkhtml (poor evo just crashed because of it).

Anyway, his patch fixes it and I am back in Gnome, baby! I really missed being in Gnome. KDE was fairly quirky for me. For starters, the fonts in firefox were all big like I’m in Kindergarten or something. Konqueror was slightly less than idea for viewing some websites (like salesforce.com for example — how do you login?). Konsole didn’t highlight URL’s for you like gnome-terminal does. Someone told me to get used to the Klipboard, and maybe that would be fine, but hell, I might as well use xterm if I wanted that. Other things: kopete crashed a few times (but gaim isn’t the bees’ knees either so, we’ll call that one a tie).

Kmail I didn’t like much the behaviour where it automatically goes to the newest message when you klick a folder. Perhaps there’s a setting, who Knows. I will miss the news feed reader in kontact. That rocked, and quite honestly, shame on evolution folks for ever removing it.

And, oh yeah, my biggest gripe: now I can click on my clock in the systray and see my appointments and tasks for the day. You don’t even Know how important that is to me.

I’ve finished removing KDE from my system, and am now recompiling things like dbus without kde and qt support, because I’m done with them.

A HUGE shout out to John for this.

6 thoughts on “I lied, I really am Gulleen”

  1. Why when you switched to KDE as a desktop environment did you start using all sorts of KDE apps like Kmail and Kopete? Any one who has been using Linux for a long time will tell you that you are better off using thunderbird and gaim in place of those two. And Konqueror? Come on…

  2. Or you could have just kept using your Gnome applications. And I can’t believe you recompiled dbus without -qt and -kde support. Can you tell me one advantage of doing so? So let me get this straight, when you were using KDE you didn’t allow yourself to use any Gnome applications and now that you are back in Gnome you don’t plan on using any KDE applications?

  3. I tried to keep using gnome applications. See my complaint about font sizes. Firefox was one example. All the rest of my gnome applications had the same issues.

    As for T’bird, I *need* the integration — and I believe I mentioned that in my first post on the subject (see http://planet.gentoo.org/developers/seemant/2006/11/01/if_i_was_gulleen_i_d_use_gnome_but_i_m_n). In that same post, I mentioned a Gaim annoyance.

    As for getting things straight — I don’t think you quite did 🙂 Now that evolution (and all the integration with gnome that that implies) works again for me, the whole raison d’etre for KDE has gone away. Consequently, I don’t need or want it.

  4. However you points me be valid, did you file bugs about the issues you encountered? Especially it’s interesting that Kopete crashed.

    Regarding the font sizes in non KDE apps, I heard that this is not a KDE problem, but a wrong interpretation of the DPI by GTK apps. Again, that’s what I heard.

  5. So, the kopete thing I think I was being not so generous. It crashed once, but only once, and I didn’t replicate the issue (I was already on my way out of KDE by then I think, because Allanon was creating the patch for evo for me).

    The DPI thing could very well be true. So I won’t blame KDE for it (in fact, I won’t blame KDE for any of my woes). I think it’s just a matter of getting used to what you’re used to.

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