The Boob Tube

Yep, I’m guilty of it. I hate television, and yet I watch so damned much of it. John Stewart, I blame you partly — because you bring what is so rare: high quality programming. And I’ll confess to being a citizen of the Colbert Nation too, dammit.

Now that’s not so bad, it’s an hour on the weekdays (8pm, if you please: the regular time slot is way too late for me). But then, Comedy Central decided to air the old episodes of Scrubs. Now, Rach had mentioned Scrubs to me a few years ago, while I was still in LA (during the pre-Aimee era of my life, actually), and I never really watched it regularly. The few episodes I did catch were hilarious and I loved them. So now, I’m watching an hour of Scrubs every weeknight too. That’s two effing hours of tv! Ridiculous.

And finally, Aimee is hooked on this Gilmore Girls show, and of course by now I’ve seen most of the episodes too (she netflixed the prior seasons last year, so I’ve been caught up and up to date for damned near a year now). So I’m hooked to that one too, because its new season started last night. (BTW, I can’t believe she slept with Christopher, and I really hope that the previews for next week are misleading — I don’t think I can handle a Lorelei/Christopher relationship. While we’re on the subject, am I the only one not thrilled with Rory’s beau? I actually side with Paris on this one, which feels weird). [Editor’s note: OMG, I can’t believe I actually said that parenthesised stuff].

And of course Sunday night is my night for The Simpsons, and the Stewie show (no link, because I don’t actually know its name), and the show with Michael Rappaport in it (again, no link, can’t remember the name, though it might be The War At Home).

I’m addicted to television, and this makes me sad.

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