Christmas left-overs

Beware : non-Gentoo post ahead, feel free to skip if you don’t care, I won’t hold a grudge against you.

By all measures, I can safely say I’m not really a Christmas-y fellow. I hate Christmas shopping because I’m really bad at it (or is it the other way around?), I give the rest of my family a hard time at Christmas since I never know what I want and I’m really hard to shop for (took me 3 years to find an MP3 player that matched with my needs).

And usually, just a few days before Christmas, I’ll turn into the Grinch: people on the subway carry even bigger bags than usual, people on the streets are way more careless than usual, ads and commercials everywhere overload my senses with Christmas references, etc.

So there, Christmas is not my favorite time of year.

However, there is something I love about Christmas: food. Point in case, I just had left-over foie gras along with a glass of Sauternes.

I’ll just say that after my light lunch, I positively love Christmas.

Edit: To all the people who are trying to ruin my Christmas left-overs by trying to make me feel guilty about how foie gras is produced: take a step to realize that all industrialized agriculture works like this (especially eggs), not just foie gras. So unless you are 100% vegan, don’t even try. If you are vegan, then just forget I even talked about the foie gras and have a glass of Sauternes, I’ll happily share the rest of my bottle.

7 thoughts on “Christmas left-overs”

  1. there is still the possibility to eat food from people you know (local peaseants) so you dont need to be a vegan, of course not everyone is able to do it.
    sorry, didnt had the intention to ruin your dinner, i just know many ignorant people who dont care about where their stuff comes from, that is pretty annoying.

  2. First of all, I’m not going to criticize you for eating foie gras. That is your decision, no matter how it is produced.

    However, your argument is basically this: “I’m going to ignore the ethical implications, because everything else works that way.” I think that is one of the most ridiculous arguments that anyone can make. To me, that’s the same argument that some people make about the incidents of Iraqi prisoner torture… “It doesn’t matter, because this kind of thing has happened in all wars.” Or even, “I don’t vote because no one’s vote counts.”

    If you had simply said “I know how foie gras is produced, but I choose to eat it anyway,” I wouldn’t be commenting. Such is a personal decision everyone has the right to make, one way or another. But basing it on the fact that “everything is that way” is simply an ethical shortcut that I believe is entirely baseless.

    Rémi: And I just wanted to write a small and (hopefully) funny rant about Christmas and that the only thing I truly enjoy is being with my family around the dinner table. Hear that sound? Yeah, that’s the sound of my small Christmas rant wooshing a mile above your head.

    And as for you bringing up Iraq in a Christmas rant, I’ll just give you your Godwin point. There, you earned it.

  3. Hunting geese is an enjoyable activity, except one thing really pisses me off. When Dick Cheney shoots someone in the face with a shotgun they apologize, when I shoot a goose I get no apology, just great tasting finger steaks ; )

  4. Sigh… I was commenting strictly on your appended “Edit” message, in which you engaged the comments left by other users, indicating that you did, indeed, have some desire to participate in a discussion about the agricultural issue. Your appended “Edit” message was not really part of your “Christmas rant,” as it was on another topic entirely. Hopefully, that part didn’t go wooshing above my head.

    As far as the rant goes, you’re right. Food is good. And food is what makes most holidays great. I didn’t comment on that because the message made sense and I couldn’t think of anything to add.

    But all I’m saying is that you, yourself, did change topics slightly by appending that edit, and you did make an argument at that point that some will find controversial. I simply wanted to comment on that specific part.

    Forget the “Iraq” thing; I have no political message to leave here, that was just one example of the logic I’m describing that popped into my head. Basically, what I meant is that I think the logic of “This ethical dilemma doesn’t matter because it has always been ignored” is flawed. That’s all.

    Sorry to be a Grinch about your blog post. That wasn’t the intent. But we all remember the last things we read the most, and the last paragraph of your post struck me as something to comment on. Happy holidays (truly).

  5. I apologize that this came to be Remi, maybe people should not judge other peoples likes and dislikes. If you do not like something then do not do it. Guess I should have come out and just said what I wanted to say instead of beating around the bush.
    PETA people are almost as bad as the ACLU in the USA.

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