Xorg-server 1.7 in ~arch

It’s out there now, available in ~arch. Like always, you’ll need to rebuild your drivers, just look-up the command given by the server’s ebuild (use eread if you’ve lost the output).

This release took a little longer to unmask not because of the server (it’s a nice change). It’s because a lot of headers were moved around from library packages to proto packages and vice versa. The ABI of X libraries has not changed, but I’m pretty sure there will be compile errors in some packages.

If that’s the case, please file bugs in bugzilla.

Thanks for reading this public service announcement.

Edit: There will not be a package.keywords list for stable users. Xorg-server 1.7 is intended for ~arch users only, at this moment. And all bugs from stable users will be closed INVALID. We will start creating lists when we want to stabilize it.

6 thoughts on “Xorg-server 1.7 in ~arch”

  1. Will there be a list you can save to /etc/portage/package.keywords like last time?

  2. Thanks for the announcement. If you assume compile problems, why is that thing unmasked? I’ve always been irritated by the way the xorg team handled masked/unstable/stable releases, as even rc’s were unmasked at times.

    There are probably a lot of people who put the xorg-server in package.keywords because they needed/wanted feature X/Y or because it fixed some bug for them (it did for me). So now I get a release that possibly breaks build in unstable?

    I just thought I’d throw this in as it has irritated me numerous times. Unstable seems to mean different things with different herds and this can be a bit cumbersome to the user

    Having said that, thanks for doing all the work – I’ll surely test it out soon 🙂

  3. So… anyone care to shed a light on why none of the x11 drivers work with the new xorg-server? Seems that the dependencies haven’t caught up with the newest xorg…

  4. Um.. wow, scratch that last stupid comment I made. Everyone makes typos right?
    The newest x11 drivers DO work…

  5. Just installed xorg 1.7.1.
    Am I dreaming or this new xorg is much faster than the 1.6?

    Rémi: if you’re using the Intel driver, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll be much faster. 2.9 will even be a little faster when we stabilize it 🙂

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