Xorg 1.5.3 update

Xorg 1.5.3 is now officially stable on 4 of the major arches : amd64, ppc, ppc64 and x86. Props to for ppc/ppc64 for getting there first 😉

With this now done, I’ll slowly start cleaning up old ebuilds. X in Gentoo deserves not to be a big mess anymore.

What bothers me most is that alpha still doesn’t have xorg-server 1.5 keyworded at all. PCI on alpha is apparently more complicated than on other arches and they’re still waiting for proper libpciaccess support.

It’s a shame as I really wanted to get rid of 1.4.2 from portage, as it probably was one of the worst release in recent X history (management-wise).

Other than that, I’ll be AFK for about 2 weeks starting from next Saturday, so don’t expect much from me during this period.

Enjoy 🙂

4 thoughts on “Xorg 1.5.3 update”

  1. Hey,

    thank you for thinking of us Alpha users! Yeah, the current X-server is kind of dodgy. I didn’t think we’d get any better, ever. There are still hundreds of Alpha users soldiering on … good luck!


  2. Great work! And thanks to whoever wrote the upgrade guide, now I will
    go ahead and try it.

    The upgrade guide is not listed under Upgrade Guides on the Gentoo
    website, that is a pity.


  3. Thank you for the information concerning xorg in portage.

    But what you said about the release 1.4.X beeing worst is only partly true. For me it was bad, but now it’s even worse. I am one of those users having intel 845 graphics and i already struggled with 1.4.X to get a working configuration. Now i updated stable gentoo x86 to xorg 1.5 and there is still no up-to-date intel driver working with a stable kernel and stable xorg. With 1.4.X i could stick to kernel 2.25 and intel 1.6.5 (very old, but it worked). now intel driver 1.6.5 has been removed from portage. i tried recent stable kernels up to 2.6.28, intel drivers up to 2.6.3-r1 with xorg 1.5 and it always freezes my system whether using EXA, UXA or other xorg.conf tweaks. It’s like hell! since 2 years i have not seen a recent intel driver working with stable Xorg and kernels. very frustrating. i hope there will be a solution before Xorg 1.6, because these are productive boxes … i am using stable not for fun

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