Intel Drivers 1.x Announcement

Hum, 2 blog posts in a week, this is highly unusual for me 🙂

Anyhow, back to the point.

About a week ago, I added the old i810 drivers (1.6.5 and 1.7.4) to package.mask. Since then, a few people have opened bugs and have sent me emails asking me to take them out of p.mask. I guess I owe an explanation to all who care about Intel drivers.

The situation is quite simple :

  1. The old 1.x drivers are no longer maintained. Period. Upstream no longer cares about them and other distros (at least Fedora and Ubuntu) have started dropping the old drivers from their repositories.
  2. Most importantly, starting with xorg-server 1.5, only 2.4.0 and up build correctly. So all drivers older than 2.3.2 do not work with xorg-server 1.5. I hope I made this statement clear enough.

I know that changing drivers can be a big pain, but there are only 2 good reasons for sticking with 1.x, I’ll list them here because if you don’t care about either, then you should move to 2.x.

  • Old Xinerama support. XRandR is a very good extension but in some cases, the old driver was better. Especially with pre-915 chips where the framebuffer is limited to 2048 pixels in width.
  • Unsupported chips. This one is very uncommon. In fact, I would say Gilles (eva) is the only one that has an unsupported DAC chip on his 830 tablet.

The rest of you, please try 2.x as soon as possible. If you still have issues, here’s what you can do:

  • Remove all HorizSync and VertRefresh from your xorg.conf
  • Remove all “optimizations” from the Device section (such as forcing OffscreenPixmaps and what not)

If that still doesn’t work, please open a bug and we’ll try to sort it out.


PS, I finally took care of the pkgmove. So please update VIDEO_CARDS in your make.conf to use “intel” instead of “i810”.

Update: s/xorg.conf/make.conf/ … thanks Donnie 🙂

5 thoughts on “Intel Drivers 1.x Announcement”

  1. Thanks for updating these, Remi!

    Quick question, since you seem to know some things about the intel drivers… On my wife’s brand new laptop (which has a 965 chipset), the latest intel drivers break horribly — X windows is nothing but a white screen. It only affects the LVDS screen, not any external monitors that get plugged in. The vesa driver works fine and there are no error messages in Xorg.0.log.

    Any thoughts on how I might isolate the problem?

  2. I have moved version 1.7.4 to my private overlay and unmasked it again. The reason is that all later drivers are just terribly slow on my 945 card.

  3. remi! You broke my xorg. Easily fixed by installing x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel but I would expect to continue on working until I updated. Odd, but just letting you know in case you get some bug reports.

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