Folks who follow Intel drivers development have probably noticed that Intel released 2 release candidates in the past 2 weeks.

.901 has been in Portage for a little while, and so far, no one has reported bugs with it. That’s a big first in recent Intel history! .902 was released a couple days ago but I have not yet added it to Portage. And the reason is quite simple: it basically breaks all i855 laptops (including mine!)

The gory details is that the second RC saw a few patches to enable LFP fitting and rescaling properties through xrandr, which is a cool stuff to have anyway. But for now, this feature only works on i915 and above (chips below i855 don’t seem to offer any sort of scaling or fitting, if I understand correctly)

So once this bug has been sorted out, I’ll put .902 with the correct patch in portage for y’all to test. Please do try those releases and push them to the limit: use xrandr, use Xv, use DRI, (maybe not suspending though, that part of the driver still looks shady to me), and please report bugs!

And remember, for each non-dupe bug that you open, God spares a kitten.

3 thoughts on “xf86-video-i810”

  1. Erm, I didn’t say anything about this earlier since I just assumed .901 to be broken for everybody.

    Things is, my Macbook with 945GM goes for about 30 seconds with that driver till it crashes and locks up the screen and I have to press the power button. Plasma wasn’t even turned on at that time.

  2. It might also be worth noting that these drivers should provide real XvMC support and that might be worth testing as well. Users can use eselect-xvmc to select a proper XvMC implementation and test via mplayer (which is one app that links to XvMCW that I know of)

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