FOSDEM: Friday

Short blurb before the first Xorg talk starts :

I arrived on Friday morning, way before the first event was set to start. That gave me the opportunity to walk around Brussels for a couple hours. Nice city, I’ll definitely have to come back later for a proper visit.

I also took an hour to finish my talk for sunday morning.

Around 7:00PM, I set out to find the FOSDEM Beer Event, which as it turned out, was about 4 blocks away from my hotel. Rock on!

So I finally had the chance to meet a few non-French Gentoo devs : Wolfram (wschlich), Santiago (coldwin) and later in the night Daniel (dsd) and Peter (welp). I’m really glad to be able to link names with actual faces now.

We had a few really nice conversations, some concerning directly Gentoo and what we want to do or see being done, but that probably requires another post of its own.

Beer wise, I remember drinking Chimay Bleue and Delirium Tremens. As for the quantity, the headache I had this morning wasn’t too bad – considering the little food I had eaten – I’d say I had something like 5 or 6 glasses, but I can’t remember :>>

More later