Gnome 2.20 is out of p.mask

It’s 1:20am in my timezone, I just pulled out Gnome 2.20 from package.mask, which is great because both Fedora and Ubuntu still haven’t been released (that was my personal goal for this release).

I’m tired, I probably messed a few things up, so don’t hesitate to open bugs in bugzilla 🙂

NB: do not try to mix and match Gnome 2.20 if you’re not running an unstable system. Such bugs will be closed.


3 thoughts on “Gnome 2.20 is out of p.mask”

  1. Awesome, thanks for your efforts. Hope to emerge it soon.

  2. I don’t really see why it shouldn’t work on a stable system if all the deps are met? Otherwise it means that some dep is not properly specified…

  3. We’ve had people come and report bugs when mixing parts of Gnome 2.x with parts of 2.(x+2) and in our experience, that never works.

    The core gtk libs are ABI stable, but the rest of Gnome definitely is not, and that’s what we want to avoid having to figure out. Also, some deps may have been overlooked (either by us in our ebuilds or by upstream in ./configure) so until we’re ready to say “those packages are going to go stable” we’d rather people didn’t try mixing stable and ~.

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