User Representatives [Part 4]

The elections for User Representatives have been open since the 23rd July and are set to close on the 6th August.

For those that managed to miss the announcements:

The time to vote is quickly approaching an end, so if you haven’t yet voted, please do so in the forum thread. You can read about the candidates here.

Introducing the User Representatives

A little delayed, but I would like to introduce the following people as the Gentoo User Representatives:

  • cheater1034
  • kopp
  • CoffeeBuzz
  • nephros
  • Richard Fish
  • loki99
  • Q-collective
  • lxnay
  • toskala
  • cokehabit
  • likewhoa

They can be contacted via the email alias, or found in the #gentoo-userreps channel on freenode.

Currently no projects have been started by them (that I know of), but that will soon change as we (userrel) are having an IRC meeting with them this weekend. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve in the coming year 🙂

Elections are Over

The elections for userreps have been over for a few days now. There were 477 votes, which isn’t as many as I would have liked, but doesn’t matter so much as the nominees were all so wonderful :D.

User Relations will soon be contacting the N-number of elected userreps, so keep watching Gentoo Universe for updates.

In other news, I have added and Planet Larry to my favourite gtk+ RSS reader, liferea. I am really liking reading a bunch of users’ and ex-developers’ blogs, as it provides a perspective on Gentoo that you don’t get to see on Gentoo Universe. My only issue is, that with the increased content, the amount of time spent reading has increased, luckily it isn’t stopping me from doing things in Real Lifetm (yet).

User Representatives [Part 3]

The elections are going to be opening on the upcoming Monday/Sunday unless extenuating circumstances delay them (again). It has been almost a month since the nominations closed so it seems like a good time to finally start voting.

I would like tomk, Maedhros and the other forum administrators kindly adding some features the forums to make the elections easier to create and manage.

User Representatives [Part 2]

It has been a week since I last blogged, so I decided it would be a good time to give a status report regarding the userrep project. There are now 24 nominees that have provided the information necessary for the upcoming elections.

I am currently aiming to have the elections open on Monday 17th July. They will be held in a hidden poll on our forums for two weeks, after which time the results will become public and the userreps chosen. I am considering having a large number (~9) of userreps elected so that we get the coverage of users, and more minds can work at improving the distribution we love best.

User Representatives [Part 1]

I have been spending the last one and a half days contacting the nominees for the new position of User Representative. So far, I have had amazingly positive responses, with fifteen of them already having provided the necessary information for the upcoming election. Some have declined their nomination, but it was inevitable that not all could invest the time or interest in the position.

The thing that strikes me is that there are so many people that love Gentoo enormously, and want to ensure that it remains a highly successful, community developer distribution.

If this project is successful, a year from now I hope to see a much tighter community, with a greater amount of communication between the developers and users.