User Representatives [Part 3]

The elections are going to be opening on the upcoming Monday/Sunday unless extenuating circumstances delay them (again). It has been almost a month since the nominations closed so it seems like a good time to finally start voting.

I would like tomk, Maedhros and the other forum administrators kindly adding some features the forums to make the elections easier to create and manage.

2 thoughts on “User Representatives [Part 3]”

  1. I’m concerned that the user representation will be skewed too much in favor of the forums. Are you doing anything to ensure that IRC and the mailing lists get enough publicity?


  2. kojiro,

    I will ensure the the mailing lists and IRC get publicity by having the elections mentioned in the GWN, gentoo-user and placed in the topic of #gentoo (and whichever other channels people want). I want to have users from a different sectors of the community, and it seems like that is what we will get.

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