Gentoo Down Under: Call for Presentations – Portage and Pkgcore

I am currently in the process of organising the half-day Gentoo mini-conf at the next, Australia’s annual technical conference about Free Software. Fun, informal and seriously technical, draws together Free and Open Source Software developers from across the world. The upcoming conference will be held from January 28th to February 2nd, 2008 at The University of Melbourne.

One of the sessions being planned will be a series of three tutorials, each devoted to one of Gentoo’s package managers. We already have a speaker for Paludis, but still need presenters for Portage and Pkgcore. Each tutorial only needs to last 10-20 minutes, and can target new or experienced users.

Any interested speakers should contact me on mark_alec|AT| as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “Gentoo Down Under: Call for Presentations – Portage and Pkgcore”

  1. Hi, this is great! Since I’m nowhere near Australia, I was wondering if there will be a text or outline of what was presented?

    Also, who is the Paludis speaker?

  2. Hopefully all talks at the mini-conf will be recorded, but otherwise hopefully the slides will be published on the l.c.a website.

    The Paludis speaker is currently Patrick Ohearn.

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