Gentoo Down Under Mini-conf – Call for Papers

I am pleased to announce that the proposal for a Gentoo mini-conf has been accepted by the 2008 team! This will be the first ever Gentoo mini-conf, with the aim of bringing together and educating Gentoo users or people interested in the Gentoo metadistribution. Gentoo Down Under is slated to run for half a day on Tuesday 29th January 2008, with a finishing time of around mid-afternoon. The mini-conf will take place at the University of Melbourne (together with the rest of

Call For Papers

There are speaking slots for:

  • three 50 minute talks, or
  • six 25 minute talks, or
  • many 10 minute talks

How these slots will be allocated will depend on the proposals submitted.

Presentations should be related to Gentoo use, and can be targeted at either current users or new users. Proposal submissions should include: the author’s name, contact details, topic title, expected running time, experience and any other relevant details.

Anyone interested in giving a talk should email their submission to mark_alec|AT|

More Information?

If you would like more information about what is being planned for GDU, or have any suggestions about what you would like to see, contact mark_alec via email or in #gentoo-au.