Long due update

I have been neglecting my blog, but felt that I should try to keep it current with happenings in my life…

  • Bought a D-Link DI-524 wireless router, and am happy to say it worked perfectly out of the box.
  • Entrusted with Administrator powers on our forums. Now spammers have more to fear :>
  • Became a member of the Proctors, which was certainly an interesting experience.
  • Found a 3GHz P4 box with a gigabyte of RAM and a nVidia 5700 video card, but not much else. Still needs some work, and it isn’t playing nice turning on at the moment, but it soon should.
  • Managed to get my older 2.66GHz booting, but am having trouble getting Gentoo/FreeBSD working on it.
  • Finally, today is my birthday, eighteen years young 😀