Website Complete

Gentoo Australia logo

I would like to announce that is now up, and functioning as intended. Currently the pages are a little scarce on text, but that should change as time goes by and events are organised.

We decided in the end to go for a MediaWiki based site, but switched the default skin for a slightly modified version that the Beagle Project kindly provided the tarball for.

Any Australians reading this, if you could register on the wiki and add yourself to the locations page so that we can get estimates of numbers.

There is a special person I would like to thank for hosting the site, and doing various tidbits with it to get it working – David Shakaryan (aka omp.) Thanks also goes to Redhatter, who helped modify various parts of the website.

In other news, I managed to ‘find’ a new computer: 2.66GHz Celeron (P4 Generation), 13GB hard-disk, inbuilt ethernet, video and sound. I will blog about it more later…