You probably know the OS-Tan phenomenon. Since Gnu/Linux isn’t just one operating system but many I asked juzo-kun if she likes to prepare some avatar to the distributions, that’s the sketch. If you have suggestions please comment. If you have artistic skill and you like the idea please contribute and if you feel really inspired please try to make a set of Gentoo-Tan (hardened, fbsd, osx, embedded, arch specific and so on)

qemu split

Since I couldn’t find out a simple way to fix the ldscripts I just split qemu in 2 ebuilds: one for the abi wrappers (qemu-user) that is currently broken on ppc, and one for the system emulators (qemu-softmmu) that works for every arch.
I hope it works for everybody.

Ok, back studying for my exams…

How to NOT release

1 – Release first the binaries and then within about 10-24h release the source

2 – Completely ignore the fact somebody would like to install your program systemwide and spread here and there references to homedir.

Feel free to guess about which package is.

EDIT – Some of the issue are related to some interesting changes in the recent buildtool release…

new qemu in the wild!

The qemu 0.7.0 got eventually released. Fabrice Bellard kindly allowed me to distribute kqemu within gentoo, if you are interested please read here about it.

The other acceleration module called qvm86 is still pending some work and I’d like to provide it as release and not snapshot (if enough people wants it I’ll bump the ebuild with that feature added within the day).

MPlayer news!

I started hacking a bit the mplayer ebuild to be ready to the pre7 release and I ended up with a pre6-r3 with some changes that some people may like and some may hate that much.

If you feel brave just unmask it and feel free to tell me if you like it or not.