Nobody hears you being subtle on twitter

You might be subtle like this or just work on your stuff like that but then nobody will know that you are the one that did something (and praise somebody else completely unrelated for your stuff, e.g. Anton not being praised much for the HEVC threaded decoding, the huge work on ref-counted AVFrame and many other things).

Blogging is boring

Once you wrote something in code talking about it gets sort of boring, the code is there, it works and maybe you spent enough time on the mailing list and irc discussing about it that once it is done you wouldn’t want to think about it for at least a week.

The people at xiph got it right and they wrote awesome articles about what they are doing.

Blogging is important

JB got it right by writing posts about what happened every week. Now journalist can pick from there what’s cool and coming from VLC and not have to try to extract useful information from git log, scattered mailing lists and conversations on irc.
I’m not sure I’ll have the time to do the same, but surely I’ll prod at least Alexandra and the others to write more.

One thought on “Nobody hears you being subtle on twitter”

  1. I have to disagree — it all depends on nature of what you’re blogging about. My blog started as a place where I somehow put my thoughts and findings about development into some structured form which helps me organise my thoughts and serve as a snapshot for latter work. Plus rants about various stuff (that stuff gets written by itself). And sometimes reference posts like — to see what codecs Vittorio still has to RE and how they work before he finds that out ;-).

    Also I tried pushing you into writing more stuff and it didn’t work. I expect the same from others.

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