Gentoo on Macbookpro 2013 – part2

Go read here for the first part.

What changed

  • The linux 3.13 still doesn’t sport support for the wireless yet. The closed source driver works almost great beside when conman crashes horribly due some bad interaction, luckily doesn’t happen often, sadly I do not have time to debug it.
  • Using grub with the patch pointed in the comments here does make appear the intel gpu and you can enjoy using it for hardware decoding using QSV, patches for Libav availabe in the usual place.
  • vga switcheroo doesn’t let me switch properly, apparently nouveau takes the console framebuffer and does not really wants to release it.
  • the nvidia closed source driver works but you lose the access to the gmux, so you can’t change the brightness, and your console framebuffer is gone as well.
  • bbswitch seems confused enough to give up, I might ask upstream to help me figure out since seems almost everything is there post-grub-setup.
  • My pommed patches are waiting for more testers, then I’ll bake a release for everybody. Here it is working nicely.

What next

  • Probably I’ll try to figure out better how get the intel gpu work fully, since nouveau works mostly fine but Blizzard games on wine do not play at all.
  • Pommed will see more cleanups.
  • Hopefully I’ll play more with the displayports.

So far I’m still quite happy about this model even if the mentioned quirks.

One thought on “Gentoo on Macbookpro 2013 – part2”

  1. Hello,

    you can fix the problem with brighness control and nvidia-drivers by calling
    “setpci -v -H1 -s 00:01.00 BRIDGE_CONTROL=0”. Afterwards you can set the brightness in “/sys/class/backlight/gmux_backlight/brightness”.

    Kind regards

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